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Raspberry & Apricot Shortbread Cookies

Our divine shortbread topped with a thin layer of delicious jam.

Also available as large singles.

Maple Shortbread Cookie

A Canadian Classic Maple Shortbread , makes a great gift for international travellers.

Ma' Amoul Cookie

A take on the Middle Eastern treat, our classic, buttery shortbread is filled with a delicious date and pecan mix. 

Decadent Brownie

Our brownie is so decadent, that we called it that! Chocolatey, sweet, buttery goodness in every bite.

Chocolate Coconut Shortbread Cookies

Our combination of two classic cookies, buttery shortbread and chocolate chip, with a hint of coconut.

Chocolate Pecan Cookie

A deliciously nutty chocolate cookie.

Cranberry Ginger Shortbread

Our classic shortbread cookie detailed with cranberry and ginger. 

Gluten Free Granola

A delicious breakfast or anytime snack!

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